Altar Guild

Welcome to our Altar Guild Page! 

Working on the Altar Guild is a rewarding and holy calling, for we prepare and make ready for the celebration of the Holy Eucharist and any other services. 

We report to the priest-in-charge.  We consecrate ourselves to our work, placing the love of Christ above all personal feelings, working together in peace.  We offer ourselves and our work to God.  As “God’s housekeepers,” we strive for excellence in cleanliness and punctuality.



We care for the vestments worn by the clergy, servers, and choir, and also the linens on the altar. We clean, mend, store, and lay out garments and linens for services.  We look after the sacred vessels used in the Holy Eucharist and the furnishings of the sanctuary and the sacristy.  We polish, dust, and prepare everything for the next service.  We ensure there is an adequate supply of bread and wine, candles and flowers. 

The Altar Guild does not fundraise, but we donate our time, talent, and hands to the glory of God to provide all that is necessary for the Holy Liturgy.

 We set up for special services such as Baptisms, weddings, funerals, Episcopal visitations, Confirmations or other services as needed

We feel truly blessed to work in God’s sanctuary.  We welcome those who feel called to join us.

   Salud Gordon,

   Altar Guild Directress



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