Whitsunday (Pentecost)

This Week at St. Peter’s, June 4 – 11, 2017:

Sunday, June 4: Whitsunday (Pentecost), 8 a.m. Mass; 10 a.m. Book of Common Prayer Holy Eucharist, Church School, Coffee Hour. (BCP pgs. 180-183)

Monday, June 5: Monday in Whitsunweek. (BCP pgs. 183-185).

Tuesday, June 6: Tuesday in Whitsunweek. (BCP 185-186).

Wednesday, June 7: Ember Wednesday in Whitsunweek. Mid-week Mass: 12:15 p.m. (BCP pgs. 260-261).

Thursday, June 8: Thursday in Whitsunweek. Please note: Bible Study cancelled.

Friday, June 9: Ember Friday in Whitsunweek. (Commemoration: St. Columba, Abbot) (597 A.D.). (BCP pgs. 260-261).

Saturday, June 10: Ember Saturday in Whitsunweek. (BCP pgs. 260-261).

Sunday, June 11: Trinity Sunday, 8 a.m. Mass; 10 a.m. Book of Common Prayer Holy Eucharist, Church School, Coffee Hour. (BCP pgs. 186-188).

Come worship with us,

Worship the Triune God who is Love,

Worship Him in Ancient Prayer, Soaring Song, in the Timeless Eucharistic Mystery!

We are St. Peter’s Parish of the Anglican Province of Christ the King,

A vibrant community of faith and a part of His Body.

Come and worship Him with us, in the beauty of holiness. Come and see!

Convenient parking: free, on-street and in our own lot. We are walking distance from Rockridge BART, near Highway 24, Broadway exit.

Come visit us!

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NEW: The Christus Rex, our APCK newsletter, is here: ChristusRex-V10-N2 (1)

NEW: Bishop Ashman’s Easter Letter: Easter Pastoral Letter.2017 .


Thursday, June 29; St. Peter (Apostle), (1st Century); (Day of Obligation).

Bishop Morse Youth Summer Camp: July 2-7, 2017: 2017 Save the Date  A wonderful experience for our youth! Scholarships available. See Father Mautner – deadline is this week.

St. Joseph’s Seminary announces Summer Session dates: July 17-28, 2017.    RESIDENTIAL SUMMER SESSION 2017  Saint Joseph of Arimathea Theological College Summer Session Application   Financial aid available. See Father Mautner.

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St. Peter’s Church School offers classes for age 3 through 12 and nursery for babies through two years. Come join us as we learn about God’s great love, with inspiring stories and fun activities. Summer Sunday School begins in July with singing and stories and planting.

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Concerning colors for the sacred vestments and Altar hangings.  

Their meanings and use are as follows:

White (the color of purity and joy) is used on the feasts of Our Lord and of Saints who were not Martyrs.  It is used for the Sacraments of Holy Baptism, Confirmation and Holy Matrimony.

Red (the color of fire and blood) is used during Whitsun Week, on the Feasts of the Holy Cross and on the Feasts of Martyrs.  It is also used for Ordinations to Holy Orders and as an alternative to white (for the Sacraments) if necessary.

Violet (the color of humility and penance) is used during Advent, from pre-Lent (Gesimatide) until Easter, on the Vigils of Feasts, on Holy Innocents (if it falls on a weekday) and on the Rogation and Ember Days. Violet is also used for the Sacraments of Penance and Unction.  According to ancient English (Sarum) usage, a deep Indigo (blue) may also be used during the Season of Advent.

Rose (sometimes called Old Rose) is used on only two Sundays of the Liturgical Year; the Third Sunday in Advent, called Gaudete Sunday and the Fourth Sunday in Lent, called Laetare Sunday.  A derivative of Violet, Rose became a visual symbol which signified a lifting of the restrictions imposed by the Seasons of Advent (preparation and Lent (penitence).

Black (the color of death and mouring) is used on Good Friday, All Souls Day and at burials and Requiem Masses.

Green (the color of life, nature, and growth) is used on all occasions when another color is not prescribed or specified.

(From the back page of the 2017 Ordo Calendar).

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